PC69 ® PlayList (1984-2003)

Zusammen mit Musik-Freunden habe ich diese PC69 Playlist erstellt:
(UPDATE: 2022-11-10)

Interpret Titel Jahr Genre genannt von:
1000 Ohm A.g.n.e.s. 1979 Minimal TeaBeee
16 Bit Where Are You? 1986 Synth-Pop Angy
2 Unlimited No Limit 1992 Rave/Techno Rummel
4 Non Blondes What’s up 1993 Indie-Rock Rummel
A Flock Of Seagulls I Ran 1982 New Romantic Angy
a Grumh Drama in the subway 1986 EBM Angy
A Spell Inside Rosen 1997 Synth-Pop Angy
A Split Second Flesh 1986 EBM Angy
A Split Second Colonial Discharge 1987 EBM TeaBeee
A Split Second Mambo Witch (Experimental Version) 1988 EBM TeaBeee
A split second On command 1988 EBM Angy
ABC Look Of Love 1982 New Romantic Angy
Absolute Body Control Total Control 1994 Minimal-Wave Angy
Absolute Body Control Is There An Exit? 1981 Minimal-Wave Angy
Abwärts Sonderzug zur Endstation 1990 Indie-Rock Rummel
Abwärts Ich Seh Die Schiffe Den Fluss Herunterfahren 1990 Indie-Rock Rummel
Abwärts Alkohol 1988 Indie-Rock Angy
Ace Of Base All that she wants 1992 Pop Rummel
Aerosmith Crazy 1994 Pop Rummel
Aiboforcen E.W.I.F. 1995 Industrial mccormick
Alan Vega Juke Box Baby 1980 Indie-Rock Rummel
Alanis Morrissette You oughta know 1995 Pop Rummel
Alec Empire Addicted to you 2002 Techno / Punk TeaBeee
Alex Sacher Freestate 1997 Synth-Pop Angy
Alice Cooper Poison 1989 Metal Chrom
Alien Sex Fiend Stuff The Turkey 1987 Gothic-Rock Rummel
Alien Sex Fiend Ignore the machine 1987 Gothic-Rock Angy
Alien Sex Fiend I Walk The Line 1987 Gothic-Rock Angy
Alien Sex Fiend Hurrican Fighter Plane 1987 Gothic-Rock Angy
Alien Sex Fiend Dead And Buried 1984 Gothic-Rock Rummel
Alien Sex Fiend Attack! 1984 Gothic-Rock Rummel
Alien Sex Fiend RIP 1984 Indie-Rock Chrom
Alien Sex Fiend EST 1984 Indie-Rock Chrom
Alien Skull Paint Fly with me 2001 Minimal TeaBeee
All She´s my ex 1988 Punk mccormick
And Also The Trees Lady D’Arbanville 1989 Gothic TeaBeee
And Also The Trees Slow Pulse Boy 1986 New Wave Rummel
And One Aus der Traum 1991 Electro-Wave Rummel
And One Techno Man 1991 Electro-Wave Angy
And One Second Voice 1991 Electro-Wave Angy
And One Movie Star 1997 Synth-Pop Angy
And One Metall Hammer 1990 Electro-Wave Angy
And One Deutschmaschine 1995 Electro-Wave Angy
Angelic Upstars Solidarity 1983 Independent Angy
Angels and Agony Forever (Eternity Version) 2001 Synthie-Pop Klaus R.
Angst Pop Ødipus Rex 1992 Electro Angy
Anne Clark Sleeper in metropolis 1984 New Wave Rummel
Anne Clark Our Darkness 1984 New Wave Angy
Anouk Nobody’s wife 1997 Indie-Rock Rummel
Anthrax Only 1993 Crossover Rummel
Apoptygma Berzerk Starsign 2000 Electro Angy
Apoptygma Berzerk Spiritual Reality 1992 Electro Angy
Apoptygma Berzerk Non Stop Violence 1995 Electro Angy
Apoptygma Berzerk Mourn 1997 Electro Angy
Apoptygma Berzerk Love Never Die 1996 Electro Angy
Apoptygma Berzerk Eclispe 2000 Electro Angy
Apoptygma Berzerk Deep Red 1994 Electro Angy
Apoptygma Berzerk Burning Heretic 1992 Electro Angy
Apoptygma Berzerk Bitch 1993 Electro Angy
Apoptygma Berzerk Backdraft 1993 Electro Angy
Arch Ribdancer 1991 Indie-Rock Rummel
Arch Babsi ist tot 1986 New Wave Rummel
Armageddon Dildos East West 1990 DarkWave Chrom
Army Of Lovers Crucified 1991 Pop Rummel
Arrested Development Mr. Wendal 1992 Pop Rummel
Art Of Noice Moments In Love 1985 Synth-Pop Angy
Arts & Decay Mescal 1989 Gothic-Rock Rummel
Ascii Disko Strassen 2002 Techno TeaBeee
Aurora Sutra Hide And Seek 1993 Electro-Ambient Angy
Aurora Sutra Hereafter 1993 Electro-Ambient Angy
B-52’s Love shack 1989 Pop Rummel
B-52s Planet Claire 1979 New Wave Rummel
B-52’s Rock lobster 1979 New Wave Rummel
Bad Religion Suffer 1988 Punk Rummel
Bad Religion Sanity 1989 Punk mccormick
Bad Religion 21st Century Digital Boy 1994 Punk Chrom
Bang Elektronika Aktivierung 1994 EBM Angy
Bangles Hazy shade of winter 1987 Indie-Rock Rummel
Bauhaus Nerves 1980 Gothiv TeaBeee
Bauhaus She’s in parties 1980 New Wave Angy
Bauhaus Lagartija Nick 1983 Gothic-Rock Angy
Bauhaus In the flat field 1982 New Wave Rummel
Bauhaus Bela Lugosi Is Dead 1979 New Wave Angy
Bauhaus Kick in the eye 1981 Gothic Rock mccormick
Bauhaus Ziggy Stardust 1982 Indie-Rock Chrom
Bazooka Joe Smallville 1990 Synth-Pop leechthebitch
Bazooka Joe Drive 1989 Synth-Pop Angy
Bearer Of The Inmost Sun Hail Jerusalem 1999 Neofolk/Industrial TeaBeee
Beastie Boys Sabotage 1994 Indie-Rock Rummel
Beatles Helter skelter 1968 Oldie Rummel
Beautiful South Song for whoever 1989 Brit-Pop Rummel
Beborn Beton Eisplanet 0 0 ThomasK
Beborn Beton Torture 1997 Synth-Pop Rummel
Beck Loser 1993 Indie-Rock Rummel
Behind the Scenes Human 2000 DarkWave Chrom
Behind The Scenes My Star 1998 DarkWave Angy
Bel Canto Spiderdust 1992 Gothic TeaBeee
Betalounge Freiburg 2001 Electro-Wave Angy
BFG Western Sky 1987 Indie-Rock mccormick
Big Audio Dynamite E=MC2 1986 New Wave Angy
Big Black Crack Up 1986 80er Independent TeaBeee
Big Black The Model 1987 Industrial Rummel
Big Black Kerosene 1986 Industrial Rummel
Bigod 20 The Bog 1990 Electro Angy
Bill Pritchard Invisible State 1989 Pop Rock leechthebitch
Billy Bragg Upfield 1996 Indie-Rock Rummel
Billy Bragg There is power in a union 1986 Indie-Rock Rummel
Billy Bragg Sexuality 1991 Indie-Rock Rummel
Billy Bragg A New England 1984 Indie-Rock mccormick
Billy Idol White Wedding 1982 Rock Rummel
Billy Joel We didn’t start the fire 1989 Pop Rummel
Biohazard Punishment 1992 Crossover Rummel
Birmingham 6 You Cannot Walk Here 1997 Electro-Wave Angy
Birmingham 6 Israel 1992 Electro-Wave Angy
Birthday Party Deep In The Woods 1983 Indie TeaBeee
Birthday Party Sonny’s burning 1983 Indie TeaBeee
Birthday Party Big Jesus Trash Can 1982 Indie-Rock Rummel
Björk Army of me 1995 0 Rummel
Blackhouse Answers for you 1986 Industrial TeaBeee
Blackhouse Totally gone 1988 Industrial/Neofolk TeaBeee
Blaine L. Reininger What’s Use 1986 New Wave Angy
Blancmange Waves 1983 New Romantic Angy
Blancmange Don’t Tell Me 1984 New Romantic Angy
Blancmange Blind Vision 1983 New Romantic Angy
Bl’ast! Only Time Will Tell 1987 Hardcore TeaBeee
Blind Melon No Rain 1993 Crossover Rummel
Blok 57 There’s Nothig Real 1992 Industrial Angy
Blondie Atomic 1979 New Wave Rummel
Bloodhound Gang Fire Water Burn 1996 Crossover Rummel
Blur Song 2 1997 Punk Rummel
Blutengel Weg zu mir 1998 DarkWave Angy
B-Movie Nowhere Girl 1982 New Wave Rummel
B-Movie Remembrance Day 1981 New Wave mccormick
Bob Geldorf Great Song Of Indifference 19980 Indie-Pop Rummel
Bob Marley No woman, no cry 1975 Reggae Rummel
Body Count Cop Killer 1992 Crossover Rummel
Body Count Body Count 1988 Crossover Rummel
Bollock Brothers Faith Healer 1985 New Wave Rummel
Bollock Brothers Legend of the Snake 1985 New Wave mccormick
Bolshoi Sunday Morning 1986 0 ThomasK
Borghesia No Hope, No Fear 1989 EBM mccormick
Boss Hog Eddy 1990 Indie-Rock Rummel
Boytronic Luna Square 1983 New Romantic mccormick
Boytronic You 1983 New Romantic Angy
Boytronic Hurts 1983 New Romantic Angy
Breeders Cannonball 1993 Crossover Rummel
Briskeby Propaganda 2000 Indie-Rock Rummel
Bronski Beat It ain’t necessarily so 1984 Pop mccormick
Bronski Beat Hit that perfect Beat 1985 Pop mccormick
Bronski Beat Smalltown Boy 1984 Synth-Pop Angy
Bush Swalloed 1996 Crossover Rummel
Butthole Surfers Hey 1983 Indie TeaBeee
Butthole Surfers Lady Sniff 1984 Indie TeaBeee
Butthole Surfers The Hurdy Gurdy Man 1990 Indie TeaBeee
Butthole Surfers Sweat Loaf 1987 Indie-Rock Rummel
Butthole Surfers Human Cannonball 1987 Indie-Rock Rummel
Cabaret Voltaire Nag Nag Nag 1979 Wave Rummel
Calva Y Nada Rascheln 1991 DarkWave Rummel
Calva Y Nada Sturm 1993 DarkWave Angy
Calva Y Nada Corbadia 1993 DarkWave Angy
Cameo Word up 1986 Hiphop TeaBeee
Camouflage Love Is A Shield 1989 Synth-Pop leechthebitch
Cancer Barrack Beischlaf mit 60kg Hackfleisch 1995 Indie-Rock Angy
Cardiacs Is This The Life 1988 Indie-Rock Rummel
Cardigans, The My Favourite Game 1998 Indie-Rock Rummel
Cardigans, The Lovefool 1996 Indie-Rock Rummel
Cardigans, The Erase/Rewind 1998 Indie-Rock Rummel
Cassandra Complex Gunship 1988 Electro-Wave Rummel
Cassandra Complex Ugly 1990 Electro Angy
Cassandra Complex One Million Happy Customers 1988 Wave Angy
Cassandra Complex Nighfall 1990 Electro Angy
Cassandra Complex Moscow Idaho 1987 Electro Angy
Cassandra Complex March 1986 Electro Angy
Cassandra Complex (In Search Of) Penny Century 1989 Electro Angy
Cat Rapes Dog Motordead 1990 EBM Rummel
Cat Rapes Dog 12″ Love 1989 EBM Klaus
Cat Rapes Dog Schizo 1989 EBM Angy
Cat Rapes Dog Motorheat 1989 EBM Angy
Cat Rapes Dog Moosehair Underwear 1993 EBM Angy
Cat Rapes Dog Fundamental 1990 EBM Angy
Central Unit Saturday Nite (Night) 1986 New Wave Angy
Chameleons Perfume Garden 1985 Dark Wave TeaBeee
Chameleons Second Skin 1987 Independent Angy
Chameleons Don’t Fall 1988 Independent Angy
Charlatans The Only One I Know 1990 Rave/Techno Rummel
Charles De Goal Un Jeu D`Enfants 1985 New Wave MichaelP
Chemical Brothers Hey Boy, Hey Girl 1999 Electro Angy
Chris & Cosey Exotika 1987 Synth-Pop Rummel
Christian Death Romeo’s Distress 1982 Gothic TeaBeee
Christian Death Deathwish 1984 Gothic TeaBeee
Christian Death This Glass House 1984 Gothic TeaBeee
Christian Death This is heresy 1988 Gothic-Rock Rummel
Christian Death Song of songs 1987 Gothic-Rock Rummel
Christian Death Jesus where’s the sugar 1988 Gothic-Rock Rummel
Christian Death Church of no return 1988 Gothic-Rock Rummel
Chumbawamba Enough Is Enough 1993 Indie-Rock Angy
Church Under The Milky Way 1987 New Wave Rummel
Cinema Strange En hiver 2000 Gothic TeaBeee
Clan Of Xymox Muscoviet mosquito 1986 Wave Rummel
Clan Of Xymox This World 1997 Wave Angy
Clan Of Xymox Stranger 1985 New Wave Angy
Clan Of Xymox Medusa 1986 Wave Angy
Clan Of Xymox Louise 1986 New Wave Angy
Clan Of Xymox Going Round 1997 Wave Angy
Clan Of Xymox A Day 1985 New Wave Angy
Clash Should I Stay Or Should I Go 1982 Punk Rummel
Clash London Calling 1979 Punk-Rock Angy
Clawfinger Nigger 1993 Crossover Rummel
Clawfinger Do What I Say 1993 Crossover Rummel
Click Click Sweet stuff 1985 DarkWave Rummel
Click Click Yakutska 1988 DarkWave Angy
Click Click Rotor Babe 1987 DarkWave Angy
Click Click I Rage I Melt 1987 DarkWave Angy
Click Click Moist 1989 DarkWave Angy
Cobalt 60 If I Was 1996 EBM Marc242
Cobalt 60 Prophecy 1997 Electro Angy
Codex Riechst du das? 1992 Electro-Wave Rummel
Collapsed System Blute jetzt 1999 Electro-Pop Angy
Console 14 Zero Zero 1999 Electroclash TeaBeee
Corvus Corax Tanzwut 1996 Mittelalter/EBM TeaBeee
Counting Crows Mr. Jones 1994 Pop Rummel
Covenant Stalker 1995 Electro-Wave Chrom
Covenant Theremin 1997 Electro-Wave Angy
Covenant Like Tears In Rain 2000 Electro-Wave Angy
Covenant Go Film 1998 Electro-Wave Angy
Covenant Figurehead 1995 Electro-Wave Angy
Covenant Der Leiermann 2000 Electro-Wave Angy
Covenant Dead Star 2000 Electro-Wave Angy
Covenant One World One Sky 2000 Electro-Pop Angy
Cramps What’s Inside A Girl? 1986 Indie TeaBeee
Cramps Can Your Pussy Do The Dog? 1986 Indie TeaBeee
Cramps Surfin’ bird 1978 Indie-Rock Rummel
Cramps She said 1980 Indie-Rock Rummel
Cramps Human Fly 1979 Indie-Rock Rummel
Cranberries Zombie 1994 Pop Rummel
Crash Course in Science Flying Turns 1981 Electronic Klaus
Creaming Jesus A Forest 1990 Indie-Rock Rummel
Creatures Standing there 1989 Indie-Rock Rummel
Creatures Miss the girl 1983 Indie-Rock Rummel
Crematory Fly 1999 Gothic-Rock Angy
Crüxshadows Deception 1999 Gothic TeaBeee
CrüxShadows Tears 2002 Electro Angy
C-Tec Let Your Body Die 1995 Electro-Pop Angy
Cult Wild Flower 1987 Indie-Rock Rummel
Cult She Sell’s Sanctuary 1987 Independent Angy
Culture Beat Mr. Vain 1993 Pop Rummel
Culture Beat Ich bin so wild nach deinem Erdbeermund 1989 Pop Rummel
Cure Why can’t I be you 1987 New Wave Rummel
Cure One Hundred Years 1982 New Wave Rummel
Cure Lullaby 1989 Pop Rummel
Cure Just Like Heaven 1987 Pop Rummel
Cure In Between Days 1985 New Wave Rummel
Cure Friday I’m In Love 1992 Pop Rummel
Cure Disintegration 1989 New Wave Rummel
Cure Cold 1982 New Wave Rummel
Cure Charlotte Sometimes 1981 New Wave Rummel
Cure Boys Don’t Cry 1979 New Wave Rummel
Cure A Strange Day 1982 New Wave Rummel
Cure A Forest 1986 Indie-Rock Rummel
Cure Object 1979 New wave mccormick
Cure The Walk 1983 New Wave Angy
Cure Love Cats 1983 New Wave Angy
Cure Killing An Arab 1978 New Wave Angy
Cure Close To Me 1985 New Wave Angy
Current 93 The Fall of Christopher Robin 1991 Neofolk TeaBeee
Current 93 Oh Coal Black Smith 1988 Neofolk TeaBeee
Current 93 Lucifer over London 1994 Indie-Rock mccormick
Cyndi Lauper Girls Just Want To Have Fun 1983 Synth-Pop Rummel
Cypress Hill Insane in the brain 1993 Crossover Rummel
D.A.F. Verschwende deine Jugend 1981 NDW Rummel
D.A.F. Mussolini 1981 Electro Angy
D.A.F. Brothers 1985 Synth-Pop Angy
D.A.F. Als Wär’s Das Letzte Mal 1981 Electro Angy
D.A.F. Alle Gegen Alle 1981 Electro Angy
DAF/DOS Ich Glaub Ich Fick Dich Später 1996 Electro Rummel
Daft Punk Rollin‘ & Scratchin‘ 1996 Techno/Industrial TeaBeee
Daft Punk Rock’n Roll 1996 Electro-House Angy
Daft Punk Around The World 1996 Electro-House Angy
Dakar & Grinser I Wanna Be Your Dog 1999 DarkWave Angy
Dalbello Black On Black 1986 Synth-Pop Rummel
Damned The History Of The World (Part 1) 1980 Punk mccormick
Damned Smash It Up Parts 1 +2 1979 Punk mccormick
Dance Or Die Dance or die 1990 EBM Rummel
Dance or Die Fire 1991 EBM Angy
Danielle Dax Cat-House, 1988 New Wave Rummel
Danse Society Say It Again 1985 0 MichaelP
Danzig Mother 1988 Indie-Rock Rummel
Danzig Am I Demon 1988 Indie-Rock Rummel
Danzig Twist of Chain 1988 Metal Chrom
Danzig Blood and Tears 1990 Metal Chrom
Dark Side Of Berlin Them From The Black Lung 1993 Indie-Rock Angy
Das Auge Gottes Blut, Schweiß und echte Tränen 1994 Indie-Rock Rummel
Das Ich Gottes Tod 1990 DarkWave Rummel
Das Ich Kain & Abel 1990 DarkWave Angy
Das Ich Destilat 1998 DarkWave Angy
Data Bank A Crack Dream Over 1988 EBM Klaus
Dave Ball In strict tempo 1983 New Wave Rummel
Dave Ball Sincerity 1985 New Wave mccormick
Dave Philips Tainted Love 0 Rockabilly Chrom
David Bowie Andy Warhol 1972 Oldie TeaBeee
David Bowie The Heart Filthy Lesson 1995 Industrial Rummel
David Bowie Space Oddity 1972 Indie-Rock Rummel
David Bowie Heroes 1977 New Wave Rummel
David Bowie Cat People 1982 New Wave Rummel
David Bowie Ashes To Ashes 1980 New Wave Rummel
David Sylvian Bamboo Houses 0 0 ThomasK
David Sylvian Forbidden Colours 0 0 ThomasK
De/Vision Try to Forget 1993 Synth-Pop Marc242
De/Vision Blue Moon 1995 Synth-Pop Marc242
Dead Can Dance The Ubiquitous Mr. Lovegrove 1993 Gothic-Rock Rummel
Dead Can Dance Saltarello 1990 Gothic-Rock Rummel
Dead Kennedys California Uber Alles 1980 Punk TeaBeee
Dead Kennedys Holiday In Cambodia 1987 Punk blackicon
Dead Or Alive You spin me round 1984 Electro-Pop Rummel
Death in June Fall Apart 1990 New Wave mccormick
Death in June The Calling 1984 New Wave Angy
Deep Blue Something Breakfast at tiffanys 0 Pop Rummel
Deine Lakaien Reincarnation 1991 DarkWave Rummel
Deine Lakaien Dark Star 1990 DarkWave Rummel
Deine Lakaien Return 1999 Synth-Pop Chrom
Deine Lakaien My Winter 1996 DarkWave Angy
Deine Lakaien Mindmaschine 1994 Wave Angy
Deine Lakaien Love Will Not Die 1986 DarkWave Angy
Deine Lakaien Love Me To The End 1991 DarkWave Angy
Deine Lakaien Lass mich 1999 DarkWave Angy
Deine Lakaien Follow Me 1993 DarkWave Angy
Deine Lakaien Away 1996 DarkWave Angy
Delay Working In The Factory 1994 EBM TeaBeee
Depeche Mode World In My Eyes 1990 Electro-Pop Rummel
Depeche Mode The meaning of love 1982 Electro-Pop Rummel
Depeche Mode Stripped 1986 Electro-Pop Rummel
Depeche Mode Strangelove 1987 Electro-Pop Rummel
Depeche Mode Policy Of Truth 1990 Electro-Pop Rummel
Depeche Mode Photographic 1986 Electro-Pop Rummel
Depeche Mode Personal Jesus 1989 Electro-Pop Rummel
Depeche Mode People Are People 1984 Electro-Pop Rummel
Depeche Mode Never Let Me Down Again 1987 Electro-Pop Rummel
Depeche Mode In Your Room 1994 Electro-Pop Rummel
Depeche Mode Enjoy The Silence 1989 Electro-Pop Rummel
Depeche Mode Black Celebration 1986 Electro-Pop Rummel
Depeche Mode Behind The Wheel 1987 Electro-Pop Rummel
Depeche Mode Master And Servant 1984 Electro-Pop Angy
Depeche Mode Just Can Get Enough 1988 Electro-Pop Angy
Depeche Mode Everthing Counts 1988 Electro-Pop Angy
Desireless Voyage, Voyage 1986 Electro-Pop Rummel
Deus Suds & Soda 1994 0 Rummel
DeVision We fly 1998 Synth-Pop Rummel
Dexy’s Midnight Runners Come On Eileen 1982 New Wave Angy
Diamanda Galas Double Barrel Prayer 1988 Gothic-Rock Rummel
Diamanda Galas ( ??? ) 0 0 Rummel
Die Angefahrenen Schulkinder Tötet Onkel Dittmeyer 1992 Indie-Rock Rummel
Die Ärzte Westerland 1988 Indie-Rock Rummel
Die Erde Graben 1989 Indie-Rock Rummel
Die Form Slavesex 1991 Electro Rummel
Die Form Silent Order 1990 Electro Rummel
Die Form Savage logic 1990 Electro Rummel
Die Form Masochist 1984 Minimal-Wave Angy
Die Form Cantique 1994 Minimal-Wave Angy
Die Form Bite Of God 1994 Minimal-Wave Angy
Die Form Teufel Im Leibe 1989 Minimal-Wave Angy
Die Form Heart Of The Monster 1984 Minimal-Wave Angy
Die Haut Der Karibische Western 1982 Indie-Rock Rummel
Dinosaur Jr. Just Like Heaven 1989 Indie-Rock Rummel
Dinosaur Jr. Freak scene 1988 Indie-Rock Rummel
Diskowalküren Walküren 1998 Electro-Pop Angy
Dissidenten Fata Morgana 0 0 MichaelP
Distain! Confession 1997 Synth-Pop Angy
Dive Mercy 1987 EBM Rummel
Dive The City Never Sleeps 1993 Industrial Angy
Dive Ghostcity 1990 Industrial Angy
Dive Dead Or Alive 1990 Industrial Angy
Dive vs. Kirlian Camera Obsession 1996 EBM TeaBeee
Divinyls I Touch Myself 1990 Indie-Rock Rummel
Dog Eat Dog Who’s The King? 1994 Crossover Rummel
Doors Riders on the storm 1971 Indie-Rock Rummel
Doors, The The End 1967 Indie-Rock Rummel
Doors, The Light My Fire 1967 Indie-Rock Rummel
Doors, The Break On Through 1967 Indie-Rock Rummel
Dorsetshire Strasse der Verdammnis 1994 DarkWave Angy
Dorsetshire Herzschlag 1994 Electro Angy
Dreadful Shadows Dead can Wait 1994 Gothic Rock mccormick
Dream Warriors My Definition Of A Boombastic Jazz Style 1990 Hiphop TeaBeee
Drunkness H20 1998 Electro Angy
Dune Hardcore vibes 1995 Rave/Techno Rummel
Duran Duran Wild Boys 1984 Synth-Pop Rummel
Duran Duran Girls On Film 1981 New Romantic Angy
Dust Of Basement Gift 1996 Electro-Wave Angy
Dust Of Basement Regress 1995 Electro-Wave Angy
Eagle Eye Cherry Save Tonight 1998 Pop Rummel
Easybeats Friday on my mind 1967 Oldie TeaBeee
Echo & The Bunnymen The Killing Moon 1983 New Wave Rummel
Echopark Presents No More Suicide Commando 1998 Techno TeaBeee
ECO Hass & Liebe 1990 Electro-Wave Rummel
ECO Schmutz 1997 Electro-Pop Angy
Einstürzende Neubauten Z.N.S. 1985 Industrial Rummel
Einstürzende Neubauten Tanz Debil 1981 Industrial Rummel
Einstürzende Neubauten Seele brennt 1990 Industrial Rummel
Einstürzende Neubauten Morning Dew 1987 Industrial Rummel
Einstürzende Neubauten MoDiMiDoFrSaSo 1987 Industrial Rummel
Einstürzende Neubauten Letztes Biest am Himmel 1985 Industrial Rummel
Einstürzende Neubauten Kein Bestandteil Sein 1987 Industrial Rummel
Einstürzende Neubauten Ich bin’s 1987 Industrial Rummel
Einstürzende Neubauten Haus Der Lüge 1989 Industrial Rummel
Einstürzende Neubauten Feurio 1987 Industrial Rummel
Einstürzende Neubauten Ende Neu 1996 Industrial Rummel
Einstürzende Neubauten Die Interimsliebenden 1993 Industrial Rummel
Einstürzende Neubauten Die Explosion Im Festspielhaus 1996 Industrial Rummel
Einstürzende Neubauten Fütter mein Ego 1985 Industrial Chrom
Eiskalter Engel Mondsucht 2000 DarkWave Angy
Elbern Schnitterlied 1995 Gothic TeaBeee
Elesde Darkness Party 1998 Dark Wave TeaBeee
Engelsstaub Fallen Angel 1992 Gothic-Rock Rummel
Erasure Oh L’Amour 1986 Synth-Pop Angy
Escape With Romeo Somebody 1990 Wave Rummel
Esplendor Geometrico Sinaya 1991 Industrial TeaBeee
Eternal Afflict Agony, I like 1992 Dark Wave TeaBeee
Eternal Afflict San Diego 1994 Electro-Wave Rummel
Eternal Afflict Paint it black 1992 Electro-Wave Rummel
Eurythmics Sweet Dreams 1982 Synth-Pop Rummel
Evils Toy Transparent Frequencies 1998 Electro-Wave Angy
Evils Toy Organics 1995 Electro-Wave Angy
Evils Toy Lucifers Garden 1998 Electro-Wave Angy
Evils Toy A Girl Called Bitch 1998 Electro-Wave Angy
Extrabreit Polizisten 1981 NDW Rummel
Extrabreit Kleptomanie (live) 1982 NDW Rummel
Eyes Of The Nightmare Jungle Shadow Dance 1989 Gothic-Rock Angy
Fad Gadget Ricky’s Hand 1980 New Wave Rummel
Fad Gadget Lady Shave 1981 New Wave Angy
Fad Gadget Back to Nature 1979 New Wave Chrom
Fad Gadget Collapsing New People 1983 New Wave Angy
Fair Sex The pain that no-one knows 1987 DarkWave Rummel
Fair Sex The Jumping 1986 DarkWave Rummel
Fair Sex No excuse 1989 DarkWave Rummel
Fair Sex House of unkinds 1988 DarkWave Rummel
Fair Sex Black Anger 1987 DarkWave Rummel
Fair Sex Shelter 1991 EBM mccormick
Fair Sex Alaska 1991 DarkWave Chrom
Fair Sex The Naked And The Dead 1989 DarkWave Angy
Fair Sex Hanging In Kareyth 1987 DarkWave Angy
Fair Sex Bushman 1987 DarkWave Angy
Fair Sex Not now, not here 1992 Darkwave Klaus G.
Fairground Attraction Perfect 1988 Pop Rummel
Faith And The Muse Cantus 1996 Gothic TeaBeee
Faith And The Muse Shattered In Aspect 1999 Gothic TeaBeee
Faith No More We care a lot 1987 Crossover Rummel
Faith No More Mid-Life Crisis 1992 Crossover Rummel
Faith No More Epic 1989 Crossover Rummel
Faith No More Easy 1992 Crossover Rummel
Faith No More Ashes To Ashes 1997 Crossover Rummel
Faithless Insomnia 1995 Pop Rummel
Falco Out Of The Dark 1998 Synth-Pop Angy
Fall, The Victoria 1988 Indie-Rock Rummel
Fall, The There is a ghost in my house 1987 Indie-Rock Rummel
Fall, The Hit The North 1987 Indie-Rock Rummel
Fall, The Carry Bag Man 1988 Indie-Rock Rummel
Fall, The big new prinz 0 0 Annette
Fanta 4 Sie ist weg 1995 Pop Rummel
Farm, The All Together Now 1990 Synth-Pop Angy
Fear Factory Replica 1995 Crossover Rummel
Fehlfarben Paul Ist Tot 1980 NDW Rummel
Fehlfarben Ein Jahr (Es Geht Voran) 1980 NDW Rummel
Feindflug Stukas im Visier 1999 Industrial Angy
Feindflug Lagerhaft 1999 Industrial Angy
Feindflug Kahle Bedrohung 1999 Industrial Angy
Felix De Luxe Taxi Nach Paris 1984 NDW Rummel
Fettes Brot Nordisch By Nature 1995 Hip-Hop Rummel
Fields Of The Nephilim Volcan 1987 Gothic-Rock Rummel
Fields Of The Nephilim Psychonaut 1989 Gothic-Rock Rummel
Fields Of The Nephilim Preacher man 1987 Gothic-Rock Rummel
Fields of the Nephilim For her light 1990 Gothic Rock mccormick
Fine Young Cannibals Good thing 1987 Pop Rummel
Fine Young Cannibals Johnny Come Home 1985 Pop blackicon
Finitribe Monster In The House 1990 Electro Angy
Fischerspooner Emerge 2000 Techno TeaBeee
Fisher Z Marliese 1981 Indie-Rock Rummel
Fixx, The Less Cities, More moving people 1984 0 ThomasK
Foetus Bedrock 1987 Industrial Rolf
Fools Garden Lemon tree 1995 Pop Rummel
Forthcoming Fire Feuer 1992 DarkWave mccormick
Fortification Organism 1995 Electro-Wave Angy
Fortification 55 And Tomorrow Atlantis 1994 Electro-Wave Marc242
Fortification 55 In Their Eyes 1993 Electro Angy
Frankie Goes To Hollywood The Power Of Love 1984 Pop Rummel
Frankie Goes To Hollywood Relax 1983 Pop Rummel
Front 242 Welcome To Paradise 1987 EBM Rummel
Front 242 Tragedy for you 1987 EBM Rummel
Front 242 Quit unusual 1986 EBM Rummel
Front 242 Headhunter 1988 EBM Rummel
Front 242 Body to body 1985 EBM Rummel
Front 242 U-Men 1984 EBM Angy
Front 242 No Shuffle 1986 EBM Angy
Front 242 Never Stop! 1988 EBM Angy
Front 242 Masterhit 1987 EBM Angy
Front 242 Lovely Day 1984 EBM Angy
Front 242 Im Rhythmus bleiben 1988 EBM Angy
Front 242 Don’t Crash 1987 EBM Angy
Front Line Assembly Threshold 1992 Electro Rummel
Front Line Assembly Shutdown 1989 Wave Angy
Front Line Assembly Millenium 1994 EBM Angy
Front Line Assembly Mental Distortion 1992 EBM Angy
Front Line Assembly Gun 1991 EBM Angy
Front Line Assembly Digital Tention Dementia 1988 Wave Angy
Front Line Assembly Circuitry 1995 EBM Angy
Front Line Assembly Bloodsport 1989 Wave Angy
Fugazi Give me the cure 1988 Indie / Hardcore TeaBeee
Fugazi Waiting room 1988 Hardcore Rummel
Fugazi Turnover 1990 Hardcore Rummel
Fugazi Blueprint 1990 Hardcore Rummel
Fugees Killing me softly 1995 Pop Rummel
Fun Boy Three Our Lips are sealed 0 0 ThomasK
Funker Vogt Words Of Power 1996 Electro Angy
Funker Vogt Tragic Hero 1998 Electro Angy
Fury In The Slaughterhouse Won’t forget these days 1990 Indie-Rock Rummel
Fury In The Slaughterhouse Trapped today, trapped tomorrow 1991 Indie-Rock Rummel
Fury In The Slaughterhouse Time To Wonder 1989 Indie-Rock Rummel
Galan Pixs Anuschka Corazon 1997 Electro-Wave Angy
Galaxie 500 Instrumental 1988 Rock mccormick
Gang Of Four To Hell With Poverty 1981 New Wave Angy
Garbage Queer 1995 Indie-Rock Rummel
Gary Numan Cars 1979 Synth-Pop Rummel
Gary Numan My Jesus 2000 New Wave Chrom
Gary Numan Berserker 1984 Synth-Pop Angy
Gary Numan Are Friend’s Electric 1981 Synth-Pop Angy
Geile Tiere Geile Tiere 1980 0 Rummel
Genital A-Tech Dich zu lieben 1994 Electro Angy
Georgie Red If I say stop, then stop 1985 Pop Rummel
Ghosting Bomb The World 1995 Gothic-Rock Angy
Girls Under Glass Down In The Park 1994 Electro-Wave Rummel
Girls under Glass When I think about you 1993 Electro-Wave Chrom
Girls under Glass Never Go 1991 Electro-Wave Chrom
Girls under Glass Inside out 1993 Elctro-Wave Chrom
Girls under Glass Body Electric 1991 Electro-Wave Chrom
Glatze des Willens Kein Abschied 1993 DarkWave Angy
Go Betweens Karen (live) 1986 Indie-Rock mccormick
God My Pal 1989 Indie-Rock Rummel
Goodbye Mr. MacKenzie Face to face 1987 Indie TeaBeee
Grant Hart 2541 1988 Indie TeaBeee
Grauzone Eisbär 1981 NDW TeaBeee
Grauzone Film 2 1981 NDW Angy
Grauzone Träume mit mir 1982 NDW Marc242
Green Day Longview 1994 Punk Rummel
Green Jelly Three Little Pigs 1992 Crossover Rummel
Guana Batz Loan Shark 1986 Psycho Rummel
Gun Club Walkin‘ With The Beast 1984 Indie TeaBeee
Gun Club Sex Beat 1984 Indie-Rock Rummel
Guns And Roses November Rain 1991 Metal Rummel
H.I.M. Wicked Game 1997 Gothic-Metal Rummel
H.I.M. Join Me In Death 2000 Gothic-Metal Rummel
Happy Mondays Step on 1990 Rave/Techno Rummel
Haujobb World Windows 1995 DarkWave Angy
Haujobb Homes and Gardens 1993 Darkwave Klaus G.
Haujobb Eye over you 1993 Darkwave Klaus R.
Haus Arafna Rise Again 1988 Electro Angy
Haus Arafna Last dream of Jesus 1998 Industrial Angy
H-Blockx Risin‘ High 1993 Crossover Rummel
Heaven 17 Temptation 1982 New Romantic Angy
Heaven 17 Let Me Go 1982 New Romantic Angy
Heaven 17 Geisha Boys & Temple Girls 1981 New Romantic Angy
Helmet In The Meantime 1992 Crossover Rummel
Herbie Hancock Rockit 1980 Electro Angy
Héroes Del Silencio Entre Dos Tierras 1990 Indie-Rock mccormick
Hocico Forgotten Tears 2002 Industrial mccormick
Hocico Odio en el alma 1997 Industrial Angy
Hocico Untold Blasphemies 2001 Industrial Angy
Hocico Distorted Face 1999 Industrial Angy
Hocico Instincts of perversion 2002 Industrial Angy
Honolulu Mountain Daffodils Tequila Dementia 1988 Indie TeaBeee
Honolulu Mountain Daffodils Sinners Club 1988 Rock mccormick
Honolulu Mountain Daffodils Disturbo Charger 1988 Indie-Rock Angy
Hoodoo Gurus What’s My Scene 1987 Indie-Rock Rummel
Horrorist One Night In N.Y.C. 2000 Techno TeaBeee
House Of Love Shine On 1987 Gitarren-Wave Rummel
House Of Love Christine 1988 Gitarren-Wave Rummel
Housemartin, The Happy Hour 1986 Brit-Pop Rummel
Housemartins Sheep 1986 Brit-Pop Rummel
Housemartins Me and the farmer 1987 Brit-Pop Rummel
Housemartins Build 1987 Brit-Pop Rummel
Human League Empire state human 1979 Synth-Pop Rummel
Human League Being Boiled 1984 New Wave Rummel
Human League The Lebanon 1984 Synth-Pop Chrom
Human League Love Action 1981 Synth-Pop Chrom
Human League The Black Hit Of Space 1980 Synth-Pop Angy
Hunting Lodge Tribal Warning Shot 1985 Industrial Rummel
Hüsker Dü Don’t want to know if you are lonely 1986 Indie-Rock Rummel
Hüsker Dü Pink Turns To Blue 1984 Hardcore TeaBeee
Hüsker Dü Never Talking to You Again 1984 Hardcore Klaus R.
Icehouse Great Suthern Land 0 New Wave ThomasK
Icicle Works Evangeline 1987 Indie-Rock Rummel
Icon of Coil Shelter 2002 EBM Chrom
Ideal Blaue Augen Ideal 1980 NDW Rummel
I-f Space Invaders Are Smoking Grass 1997 Electroclash TeaBeee
Iggy Pop Lust For Life 1977 Indie-Rock Rummel
Iggy Pop Louie Louie 1993 Indie-Rock Rummel
Iggy Pop Candy 1990 Indie-Rock Rummel
Iggy Pop The Passenger 1977 Punk mccormick
Iggy Pop and the Stooges I wanna be your Dog 1969 Indie-Rock Chrom
Illuminate Nur Für Dich 1999 Electro-Wave Angy
Imminent Starvation Even Stars… 1997 Industrial TeaBeee
Imminent Starvation Lost Highway 45 1997 Noise Angy
In Nursery Compulsion 1988 Industrial mccormick
In Strict Confidence Kiss your Shadow 2000 Electro Chrom
In Strict Confidence Zauberschloß 2001 Electro Angy
In Strict Confidence Industrial Love 1998 Electro Angy
In Strict Confidence Herzattacke 2002 Electro Angy
In Strict Confidence Engelsstaub 2003 Electro Angy
In Strict Confidence Become An Angel 1996 Electro Angy
In Strict Confidence Alles in mir 1998 Electro Angy
In The Nursery Blue Religion 1991 Gothic-Rock Rummel
Inbase Christine 1984 Dark Wave TeaBeee
Industriepalast Knochenangst 2000 Industrial TeaBeee
Informatics Proximiety switch 1986 Synth-Pop Rummel
Informatics Accident in Paradise 1985 Electro Chrom
Inner City Good life 1988 Pop Rummel
Inner City Big fun 1988 Pop Rummel
Inside The Whip 1995 EBM TeaBeee
Inspiral Carpets This is how it feels 1990 Rave/Techno Rummel
Invincible Limits Push! (1. Version) 1986 Wave Angy
Invincible Limits Locate A Stranger 1986 Wave Angy
Invincible Spirit Push 1986 Electro-Wave Rummel
Invincible Spirit Devil Dance 1988 Electro-Wave Rummel
Invincible Spirit Contact 1988 Electro-Wave Rummel
Invisible Limits Love Is A Kind Of Mistery 1985 Wave Rummel
Invisible Limits Love Will Tear Us Apart 1988 Wave Angy
Invisible Limits Golden Dreams 1989 Wave Angy
Invisible Limits Devil Dance (1.Version) 1986 Wave Angy
Isecs Einheitsschritt 1995 Wave Angy
It’s Immaterial Drivina away from home 1986 Indie-Rock Rummel
James Ray & the Performance Texas 1987 New Wave Angy
James Ray & the Performance Dust Boat 1989 New Wave Angy
Jello Biafra Full Metal Jackoff 1989 Crossover Rummel
Jello Biafra with D.O.A. We Gotta Get Out of This Place 1989 Hardcore TeaBeee
Jeremy Days Rome Wasn’t Built In A Day 1988 Pop Rock leechthebitch
Jesus & Mary Chain Kill Surf City 1987 Indie-Rock Rummel
Jesus & Mary Chain April Skies 1987 Indie-Rock Rummel
Jesus & Mary Chain, The Rollercoaster 1990 Indie-Rock Rummel
Jesus & Mary Chain, The Psycho Candy 1988 Indie-Rock Rummel
Jesus & Mary Chain, The Just Like Honey 1985 Indie-Rock Rummel
Jesus & Mary Chain, The Head On 1988 Indie-Rock Rummel
Jesus & Mary Chain, The Happy When It Rains 1987 Indie-Rock Rummel
Jesus Jones Right here, right now 1991 Rave/Techno Rummel
Jimi Tenor Take Me Baby 1995 Electro-Pop Angy
Jingo De Lunch You Can Say Anything 1992 Crossover Rummel
Jingo de Lunch Growing pains 1990 Crossover Rummel
Joachim Witt / Jens Heppner Die Flut 1998 Electro-Pop Angy
Joan Osborne One of us 1995 Pop Rummel
John Foxx Underpass 1981 New Wave Chrom
Joy Division She’s lost control 1985 New Wave Rummel
Joy Division Love will tear us apart 1985 New Wave Rummel
Joy Division Atmosphere 1986 New Wave Rummel
Joy Division Wilderness 1980 New Wave Chrom
Joy Division Insight 1980 New Wave Chrom
Joy Division Disorder 1980 New Wave Chrom
Joy Division Transmission 1979 New Wave Angy
Joy Division Shadowsplay 1979 New Wave Angy
Joy Division New Dawn Fades 1980 New Wave Angy
Joy Division Isolation 1980 New Wave Angy
Joy Division Decades 1980 New Wave Angy
K’s Choice Not an addict 1995 Indie-Rock Rummel
Katrina & The Waves Walking on sunshine 1985 Pop Rummel
KieW Blutrausch (nach Feierabend) 1999 Industrial Angy
Killdozer American Pie 1989 Indie / HC TeaBeee
Killing Joke Wardance 1980 New Wave Rummel
Killing Joke The Wait 1980 New Wave Rummel
Killing Joke Love like Blood 1985 New Wave Rummel
Killing Joke Democracy 1996 New Wave Rummel
Killing Joke Follow the Leaders 1981 Punk Chrom
Kim Wilde Water On Glass 1981 Synth-Pop Rummel
King Love & Pride 1984 Synth-Pop Rummel
King Kurt Destination Zululand 1983 Psychobilly Rolf
Kingsmen louie louie 0 0 Annette
Kirlian Camera Ascension 1996 Dark Wave TeaBeee
Kirlian Camera Eclipse 1988 DarkWave Angy
Kirsty MacColl A new England 1984 Indie-Rock Rummel
Kissing The Pink The Last Film 1983 New Wave mccormick
Kissing the Pink Big Man Restless 1983 Synth-Pop Chrom
KLF, The What Time Is Love 1990 Rave/Techno Rummel
Klinik Moving Hands 1988 EBM Rummel
Klinik Hours and Hours 1987 EBM Marc242
Klinik Black Leather 1990 EBM Marc242
Klinik Sick In Your Mind 1991 EBM Angy
Klinik Desire 1992 EBM Angy
Klute Desert storm 1991 EBM Rummel
KMFDM Godlike 1990 EBM TeaBeee
KMFDM Mega Lomaniac 1995 Electro Angy
Kombinat Mutter Plastik 1991 Minimal TeaBeee
Kontrast Tod…find‘ ich gut! 1999 EBM TeaBeee
Kontrast Freiheit? 2000 Electro-Pop Angy
Korn Word Up 2004 Crossover Rummel
Kraftwerk Das Model 1978 New Wave Marc242
Krupps Wahre Arbeit, wahrer Lohn 1981 EBM Rummel
Krupps Enter Sandman 1993 Electro-Rock Rummel
Krupps Fatherland (Sisters Of Mercy Mix) 1993 Electro-Rock mccormick
Krupps Rings of Steel 1995 Electro-Rock Chrom
Krupps Metal Machine Music 1992 Electro-Rock Chrom
Krupps High Tech-Low Live 1992 Electro-Rock Chrom
Krupps with Nitzer Ebb The machineries of Joy 1989 EBM Rummel
K’s Choice Not An Addict 1995 Indie-Rock Rummel
Kylie Minogue Confide In Me 1994 Pop Rummel
Kyoto Blue Dive 1994 Electro-Rock Angy
L7 Shove 1990 Crossover Rummel
L7 Pretend We’re Dead 1992 Crossover Rummel
La Morte De La Maison Pale Your Mind 1990 Wave Angy
Lacrimosa Alles Lüge 1993 DarkWave Rummel
Laibach Sympathy for the devil 1988 Indie-Rock Rummel
Laibach Leben Tod 1987 Industrial Rummel
Laibach Geburt Einer Nation (One Vision) 1987 Industrial Rummel
Laibach Leben Heißt Leben 1987 Indie-Rock mccormick
Laibach Life is life 1987 Indie-Rock Angy
L’ame Immortelle Bitterkeit 1998 DarkWave Angy
L’âme immortelle Die Zeit, in der die Freundschaft starb 1997 Electro-Wave Angy
L’âme immortelle Life Will Never Be The Same Again 1997 Electro-Wave Angy
Lard The power of Lard 1989 Industrial Rummel
Lard Mate Spawn & Die 1990 Industrial Rummel
Lard Hellfudge 1989 Punk Chrom
Lars Falk See Me Friends Fall 1988 New Wave Angy
Lars Falk Hello Hello 1983 New Wave Angy
Last Man in Europe A Certain Bridge 1981 Electronic Klaus
Latin Quarter Modern times 1986 Indie-Rock Rummel
Laurie Anderson O Superman 1981 0 Rummel
Leæther Strip Strap Me Down 1992 Electronic leechthebitch
Leæther Strip Adrenalin Rush 1992 Electronic leechthebitch
Leæther Strip Dont Tame Your Soul 1993 Electronic leechthebitch
Legendary Pink Dots Casting the runes 1987 Dark Wave TeaBeee
Leila K Open Sesame 1992 Pop Rummel
Lemonheads Second chance 1987 Hardcore TeaBeee
Lemonheads Mrs. Robinson 1992 Indie-Rock Rummel
Lemonheads Luka 1989 Indie-Rock Rummel
Lene Lovich Lucky Number 1978 Sys Chrom
lene lovich bird song 0 0 Annette
Leningrad Cowboys Kassaka 1992 Indie-Rock mccormick
Lenny Kravitz Are You Gonna Go My Way 1993 Rock Rummel
Les Rita Mitsouko Marcia Baila 1984 Pop Rummel
Les Rita Mitsouko C’est comme ca 1986 New Wave Rummel
Leather Strip We deserve it all 1994 Darkwave Klaus R.
Liaisons Dangereuses Los ninos del parque 1981 New Wave Rummel
Life Of Agony Other Side Of The River 1995 Crossover Rummel
Life of Agony Through and through 1993 Metal Chrom
Lights Of Euphoria Sleepwalking 1996 Synth-Pop Angy
Lloyd Cole My Bag 1987 0 ThomasK
Lloyd Cole Perfect Skin 1984 Indie-Rock Rummel
London after Midnight Kiss 1992 Gothic TeaBeee
London after Midnight Sacrifice 1992 Gothic Rock mccormick
Lost Boys Cry Little Sister 1991 Independent Angy
Love & Rockets So Alive 1989 Indie-Rock Rummel
Love Like Blood Noxiouse secrets 1992 Gothic-Rock Rummel
Love Like Blood Doomsday 1990 Gothic-Rock Rummel
Love Like Blood Angie 1991 Gothic-Rock Rummel
Love Temple Pilots Interstate Love Song 1994 Crossover Rummel
Lucilectric Mädchen 1994 Pop Rummel
Lydia Lunch Stinkfist 1989 Industrial Rummel
Lydia Lunch Some velvet morning 1982 Indie-Rock Rummel
Lydia Lunch Black Juju 1991 Indie-Rock Rummel
M Pop Muzic 1979 Synth-Pop Angy
Madness Tomorrow’s (just another day) 1983 Ska Rummel
Madness Our House 1982 Ska Rummel
Madness One Step Beyond 1979 Ska Rummel
Madness House of fun 1982 Ska Rummel
Madness Baggy Trousers 1980 Ska Rummel
Madonna Like a prayer 1989 Pop Rummel
Madonna Frozen 1998 Pop Rummel
Malaria Kaltes klares Wasser 1982 NDW Rummel
Mao Tse Tung EXperience Irregular Times 1991 EBM TeaBeee
Mao Tse Tung Experience Kill your ideals 1990 EBM Rummel
Marc Almond There Is A Bed 1987 New Wave Rummel
Marc Almond The House Is Haunted 1985 New Wave Rummel
Marc Almond Somethings’s Gotten Hold Of My Heart 1989 Pop Rummel
Marc Almond Ruby Red 1987 New Wave Rummel
Marc Almond Melancholy Rose 1986 New Wave Rummel
Marc Almond The stars we are 1988 New Wave mccormick
Marc Almond Tears run Rings 1988 New Wave mccormick
Marc Almond & Sally Timms This house is a house of trouble 1987 New Wave Rummel
Marc&the Mambas Black Heart 0 0 ThomasK
Marilyn Manson Sweet Dreams 1995 Indie-Rock Rummel
Marilyn Manson Beatiful People 1996 Electro-Rock Angy
Marionettes Ave Dementia 1990 Gothic-Rock Rummel
Marita Schreck Full Metal Jacker 1997 Noise Angy
Mark and the Mambas Torment 1983 Indie-Rock Rummel
Mark Stewart Fatal Attaction 1987 Industrial Rummel
Mark Stewart Stranger than Love 1987 Electronic Rolf
MARRS Pump up the volume 1987 0 Rummel
Marusha Somewhere over the rainbow 1994 Rave/Techno Rummel
MC5 Kick out the jams 1969 Indie-Rock Rummel
Meat Loaf I’d do anything for love 1993 Rock Rummel
Megavier Genug Ist Genug 1994 Crossover Rummel
Melissa Etheridge Like the way I do 1988 Rock Rummel
Melotron Dein Meister 1999 Synth-Pop Angy
Melotron Kindertraum 1999 Synth-Pop Angy
Men Without Hats Safety Dance 1982 Synth-Pop Rummel
Meredith Brooks Bitch 1997 Rock Rummel
Merry Thoughts Pale empress 1993 Gothic-Rock Rummel
Mesh You Didn’t Want Me 1997 Synth-Pop Angy
Metallica One 1988 Metal Rummel
Metallica Enter Sandman 1991 Metal Rummel
Meteors Wreckin’ Crew 1983 Psycho Rummel
Midnight Oil The Dead Heart 1987 Indie-Pop Rummel
Midnight Oil Beds Are Burning 1987 Indie-Pop Rummel
Might Be Giants Birdhouse in your soul 0 Brit-Pop Rummel
Might Be Giants Ana Ng 1989 Indie-Rock Rummel
Mighty Lemon Drops Inside Out 1988 Indie-Rock Rummel
Minimal Compact Staik Dancin´ 1988 0 ThomasK
Ministry So what 1989 EBM/Hardcore TeaBeee
Ministry Thieves 1989 Industrial Rummel
Ministry Psalm 69 1992 Industrial Rummel
Ministry N.W.O. 1992 Industrial Rummel
Ministry Just one fix 1992 Industrial Rummel
Ministry Jesus built my hotrod 1991 Industrial Rummel
Ministy Burning inside 1989 Industrial Rummel
Miracle Workers When A Woman Calls My Name 1988 Indie-Rock Rolf
Miracle Workers Love Has No Time 1985 Indie-Rock Rolf
Miracle Workers Inside Out 1985 Indie-Rock Rolf
Mission Wasteland 1986 Gothic-Rock Rummel
Mission Tower of strength 1987 Gothic-Rock Rummel
Mission Severina 1987 Gothic-Rock Rummel
Mission Deliverance 1990 Gothic-Rock Rummel
Mission, The Stay With Me 1986 Gothic-Rock Rummel
Mission, The Serpents Kiss 1986 Gothic-Rock Rummel
Mission, The Over The Hills And Far Away 1986 Gothic-Rock Rummel
Mission, The Like A Hurricane 1986 Gothic-Rock Rummel
Mission, The Butterfly On A Wheel 1989 Gothic-Rock Rummel
Mission, The Beyond The Pale 1988 Gothic-Rock Rummel
Mission, The Amelia 1990 Gothic-Rock Rummel
Mittageisen Automaten 1985 Dark Wave TeaBeee
Mondsucht Der Totentanz 1998 EBM TeaBeee
Montell Jordan This is how we do it 1995 Pop Rummel
Moonchild War 1998 Gothic-Rock Angy
Morrissey Suedehead 1988 Brit-Pop Rummel
Morrissey November Spawned A Monster 1990 Brit-Pop Rummel
Morrissey Everyday is like Sunday 1988 Brit-Pop Rummel
Mucky Pup Hippies Hate Water 1990 Crossover Rummel
Multicoloured Shades Teen Sex Transfusion 1986 Indie-Rock Rummel
Myrna Loy Lebetor 1989 Dark Wave TeaBeee
Mysterious Art Das Omen 1989 Pop Rummel
Natalie Imbruglia Torn 1997 Pop Rummel
Nelly Furtado I’m like a bird 2000 Pop Rummel
Nena Nur geträumt 1982 New Wave Rummel
Nena Leuchtturm 1983 New Wave Rummel
Nena Irgendwie, Irgendwo, Irgendwann 1984 New Wave Rummel
Neneh Cherry Buffalo Stance 1988 Pop Rummel
Neon Judgement TV treated 1987 Wave Rummel
Neon Judgement Tomorrow In The Papers 1986 Wave Rummel
Neon Judgement The fashion party 1987 Wave Rummel
Neon Judgement Chinese black 1987 Wave Rummel
Neon Judgement The Bad Luck 1987 Wave mccormick
Neon Judgement Sultan of Sex 1987 Wave mccormick
Neon Judgement To Cold To Breathe 1985 Wave leechthebitch
Neon Judgement Awful Days 1986 Wave Angy
New Dimension Stuttgart brennt 1997 Minimal-Wave Angy
New Model Army White Coats 1987 Indie-Rock Rummel
New Model Army Vagabonds 1987 Indie-Rock Rummel
New Model Army Stupid Questions 1989 Indie-Rock Rummel
New Model Army Poison Street 1986 Indie-Rock Rummel
New Model Army No Rest 1985 Indie-Rock Rummel
New Model Army I Love The World 1989 Indie-Rock Rummel
New Model Army Green And Grey 1989 Indie-Rock Rummel
New Model Army 51st state 1987 Indie-Rock Rummel
New Model Army Christian Militia 1984 New Wave Chrom
New Order True Faith 1987 Synth-Pop Rummel
New Order Blue Monday 1983 Synth-Pop Rummel
new order temptation 0 0 Annette
new order out of control 0 0 Annette
new order ceremony 0 0 Annette
Nick Cave The Singer 1986 Indie TeaBeee
Nick Cave Tupelo 1985 Indie-Rock Rummel
Nick Cave The mercy seat 1988 Indie-Rock Rummel
Nick Cave The Good Son 1990 Indie-Rock Rummel
Nick Cave Hey Joe 1986 Indie-Rock Rummel
Nick Cave From Her To Eternity 1984 Indie-Rock Rummel
Nick Cave Do You Love Me? 1998 Indie-Rock Rummel
Nick Cave Deanna 1988 Indie-Rock Rummel
Nick Cave City Of Refuge 1988 Indie-Rock Rummel
Nick Cave Black Betty 1986 Indie-Rock Rummel
Nick Cave Do you love me 1989 Indie-Rock Chrom
Nick Cave Weeping Song 1990 Independent Birgit74
Nick Cave & Kylie Minogue Where The Wild Roses Grow 1995 Indie-Rock Rummel
Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds Red Right Hand 1994 Independent Birgit74
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds The Mercy Seat 1988 Independent Angy
Nine Inch Nails Wish 1992 Industrial Rummel
Nine Inch Nails Terrible Lie 1989 Industrial Rummel
Nine Inch Nails March Of The Pigs 1999 Industrial Rummel
Nine Inch Nails Head Like A Hole 1989 Industrial Rummel
Nine Inch Nails Closer 1999 Industrial Rummel
Nirvana Smells Like Teen Spirit 1993 Crossover Rummel
Nitzer Ebb Lightning man 1990 EBM Rummel
Nitzer Ebb Getting Closer 1988 EBM Rummel
Nitzer Ebb Murderous 1986 EBM Angy
Nitzer Ebb Let Your Body Learn 1986 EBM Angy
No Doubt Don’t speak 1996 Pop Rummel
No More Suicide Commando 1986 Wave Angy
Nocturnal Emissions Never give up! 1985 Industrial Klaus R.
Nomads Knowledge comes with death´s release 1987 Indie-Rock Rummel
Normal Warm Leatherette 1978 Minimal-Wave Rummel
Normal T.V.O.D. 1978 Synth-Pop Angy
Noyce Panique 1998 Electro Angy
Nuclear Error Herzlos 1993 Minimal-Wave Marc242
Numb Shithammer 1993 EBM TeaBeee
Numb Blood 1994 DarkWave Chrom
Nymphs Revolt 1991 Indie-Rock Rummel
OFF Electrica Salsa 1986 Electro-Pop Angy
Offspring Self esteem 1994 Punk Rummel
OMC How Bizarre 1995 Pop Rummel
OMD Maid Of Orleans 1984 Electro-Pop Angy
OMD Enola Gay 1986 Electro-Pop Angy
OMD Electricity 1985 Electro-Pop Angy
Oomph! Mein Herz 1991 EBM TeaBeee
Oomph! Ich bin der neue Gott 1992 Electro-Rock Angy
Oomph! Gekreuzigt 1998 Electro-Rock Angy
Other Ones, The Another Holiday 1987 Pop Rummel
OTO Anyway 1984 Electro-Wave Angy
Out Of Norm Suizid 1997 Electro-Rock Angy
Out Of Norm Last Death 1996 Electro-Rock Angy
Oz Factor Vereint Sein 1998 Dark Wave TeaBeee
P.A.L Concrete Rage 1995 Industrial TeaBeee
P.A.L. Gelöbnis 1995 EBM/Industrial TeaBeee
P.I.L. Order of Death 1984 Indie TeaBeee
P.I.L. This is not a love song 1985 Indie-Rock Rummel
P-1E 49 Second Romance 1988 Minimal-Wave Rummel
Pankow Warm Leatherette 1989 EBM Angy
Pantera Walk 1993 Metal Rummel
Pantera This Love 1992 Metal Rummel
Paula Cole Where have all the cowboys gone 1997 Pop Rummel
Pearl Jam Alive 1991 Crossover Rummel
Pet Shop Boys Go West 1993 Pop Rummel
Peter & The Test Tube Babies The Jinx 1983 Punk Rummel
Peter Murphy Cuts You Up 1990 Pop mccormick
Philipp Boa Diana 1985 Indie-Rock Rummel
Philipp Boa And Then She Kissed Her 1991 Indie-Rock Rummel
Philipp Boa & The Voodoo Club Kill Your Ideals 1987 Indie-Rock Rummel
Phillip Boa I dedicate my soul to you 1987 Indie-Rock Rummel
Phillip Boa Container Love 1989 Indie-Rock Rummel
Phillip Boa & The Voodooclub This Is Michael 1990 Wave Angy
Phillip Boa & The Voodooclub Fine Art In Silver 1989 Indie-Rock Angy
Phillip Boa And The Voodooclub Get Terminated 1993 Indie-Rock mccormick
Philtron Somewhere between love and hate 1996 EBM TeaBeee
Pink Turns Blue Your master is calling 1988 Gothic-Rock Rummel
Pink Turns Blue Michelle 1990 Gothic-Rock Rummel
Pixies Caribou 1987 Indie TeaBeee
Pixies Gouge Away 1989 Indie TeaBeee
Pixies Tame 1989 Indie TeaBeee
Pixies Wave of Mutilation 1989 Indie TeaBeee
Pixies Where is my mind? 1987 Indie-Rock Rummel
Pixies Vamos 1988 Indie-Rock Rummel
Pixies Monkey Gone To Heaven 1989 Indie-Rock Rummel
Pixies Here Comes Your Man 1989 Indie-Rock Rummel
Pixies Gigantic 1988 Indie-Rock Rummel
Pixies Debaser 1989 Indie-Rock Rummel
PJ Harvey Down by the water 0 0 ThomasK
Plastic Noise Experience Smalltown Boy 1992 EBM TeaBeee
Plastic Noise Experience Kill the 6 1992 EBM Rummel
Poesie Noire The Gioconda Smile 1985 Electro-Wave Rummel
Poesie Noire Pity For The Self (12 Mix) 1989 Wave Angy
Poesie Noire Come Pjutr Syntax Error 1988 Wave Angy
Poésie Noire Deja Vu 1989 Wave Angy
Pogues Dark Streets Of Londong 1984 Indie-Rock Rummel
Pogues, The The Irish Rover 1987 Indie-Rock Rummel
Pogues, The Fiesta 1988 Indie-Rock Rummel
Pogues, The Fairytale Of New York 1987 Indie-Rock Rummel
Pogues, The Dirty Old Town 1985 Indie-Rock Rummel
Police So Lonely 1978 Rock Rummel
Pop Will Eat Itself Wise Up! Sucker 1989 Indie-Rock Rummel
Portion Control Great Devide 1987 Electro-Pop Angy
PP? Viva La France 1997 DarkWave Angy
PP? Save Sex 1997 DarkWave Angy
PP? Ohnmacht 1997 DarkWave Angy
PP? Öffne Dich 1997 DarkWave Angy
Prager Handgriff Schindluder 1998 EBM Angy
President of United States Lump 1995 Crossover Rummel
Primal Scream Loaded 1990 Indie TeaBeee
Primal Scream Come together 1990 Indie-Rock Rummel
Primitives Crash 1988 Indie-Rock Rummel
Primus Too Many Puppies 1990 Crossover Rummel
Prince When Doves Cry 1984 Pop Rummel
Prince Purple Rain 1984 Pop Rummel
Prince Let’s Go Crazy 1984 Pop Rummel
Prince 1999 1982 Pop Rummel
Prince Kiss 1986 pop Rummel
Proclaimers 500 Miles 1988 Brit-Pop Rummel
Prodigy Poison 1995 Rave/Techno Rummel
Prodigy No good 1994 Rave/Techno Rummel
Prodigy Fire Starter 1998 Rave/Techno Angy
Profil Berühren 1987 NDW Angy
Project Pitchfork Bodies 1994 Electro-Wave Rummel
Project Pitchfork Timekiller 2001 Electro-Wave Angy
Project Pitchfork Steelrose 1998 Electro-Wave Angy
Project Pitchfork Souls 1992 Electro-Wave Angy
Project Pitchfork Song Of The Winds 1992 Electro-Wave Angy
Project Pitchfork Ruins Of Ignorance 1991 Electro-Wave Angy
Project Pitchfork Requiem 1995 Electro-Wave Angy
Project Pitchfork Renascence 1994 Electro-Wave Angy
Project Pitchfork Lam-‚bras 1992 Electro-Wave Angy
Project Pitchfork K.N.K.A 1991 Electro-Wave Angy
Project Pitchfork In The Year 2525 1991 Electro-Wave Angy
Project Pitchfork I Have A Dream 1999 Electro-Wave Angy
Project Pitchfork God Wrote 1997 Electro-Wave Angy
Project Pitchfork Fire And Ice 1991 Electro-Wave Angy
Project Pitchfork Entities 1992 Electro-Wave Angy
Project Pitchfork Endzeit 1995 Electro-Wave Angy
Project Pitchfork Conjure 1992 Electro-Wave Angy
Project Pitchfork Carrion 1993 Electro-Wave Angy
Project Pitchfork Carnival 1999 Electro-Wave Angy
Project Pitchfork 2069 AD 1997 Electro-Wave Angy
Prong For dear life 1990 Hardcore TeaBeee
Prong Lost and found 1990 Hardcore TeaBeee
Prong 3rd from the sun 1988 Metal Rummel
Propaganda Dr. Mabuse 1984 Synth-Pop Rummel
Psyche Unveiling the secret 1986 DarkWave Rummel
Psyche The brain collapses 1985 DarkWave Rummel
Psyche The Crawler 1990 DarkWave Angy
Psychic Force Under pass 1997 Electro Rummel
Psychic Force Like An Animal 1994 Electro Angy
Public Image Limited Four enclosed walls 1981 Indie-Rock Rummel
Q Lazzarus Good bye horses 1991 Synth-Pop Rummel
Qntal Palestinalied 1995 Mittelalter/EBM TeaBeee
Qntal Ad Mortem Festinamus 1992 Electro-Classic Rummel
Qntal Frühling 1995 Electro-Classic Angy
Quiet Life Schlafen 1982 Minimal TeaBeee
R.E.M. What’s The Frequency, Kenneth? 1994 Indie-Rock Rummel
R.E.M. The One I Love 1987 Indie-Rock Rummel
R.E.M. Stand 1988 Indie-Rock Rummel
R.E.M. Nightswimming 1992 Indie-Rock Rummel
R.E.M. Man On The Moon 1992 Indie-Rock Rummel
R.E.M. Losing my religion 1991 Indie-Rock Rummel
R.E.M. It’s the end of the world 1987 Indie-Rock Rummel
R.E.M. Everybody hurts 1993 Indie-Rock Rummel
Radiohead Creep 1992 Indie-Rock Rummel
Rage Against The Machine Killing In The Name 1992 Crossover Rummel
Rage Against The Machine Bombtrack 1992 Crossover Rummel
Rainbirds Blueprint 1987 pop Rummel
Rammstein Heirate mich 1995 Crossover Rummel
Rammstein Du Hast 1997 Crossover Angy
Rammstein Asche Zu Asche 1995 Crossover Rummel
Rammstein Engel 1997 Electro-Rock Angy
Rammstein Du riechst so gut 1995 Electro-Rock Angy
Ramones Pet Sematary 1989 Punk Rummel
Ramones, The I Believe In Miracles 1989 Punk Rummel
Rasthof Dachau EXitus 1998 Industrial TeaBeee
Real Life Send Me An Angel 1983 Synth-Pop Rummel
Red Hot Chilli Peppers Under The Bridge 1992 Crossover Rummel
Red Lorry Yellow Lorry Walking On Your Hands 1986 Gothic-Rock Rummel
Red Lorry Yellow Lorry Talk About The Weather 1985 Gothic-Rock Rummel
Red Lorry Yellow Lorry Spinning Round 1985 DarkWave mccormick
Red Lorry Yellow Lorry Don’t Think About It 1991 DarkWave mccormick
Rednex Cotton Eye Joe 1994 Pop Rummel
Relatives Menschsein Ausgeblutet 1993 Gothic-Rock Klaus G.
Relatives Menschsein Die Zeit 1993 Gothic-Rock Angy
Republica Ready To Go 1996 Crossover Rummel
Residents Kaw-Liga 1986 Indie-Rock Rummel
Revolting Cocks TV minds 1986 Indie-Rock Rummel
Revolting Cocks No Devotion 1985 Industrial mccormick
Rheingold Fan Fan Fanatisch 1981 New Wave Marc242
Rollins Band Liar 1994 Crossover Rummel
Romeo Void Never say never 1981 New Wave Chrom
Rorschach Garden State Protection 2002 Minimal TeaBeee
Rose of Avalanche LA Rain 1985 Gothic TeaBeee
Rosetta Stone Adrenaline 1991 Gothic-Rock Rummel
Rumble On The Beach Rumble on the beach 1988 Psycho Rummel
Rumble On The Beach Purple Rain 1986 Psycho Rummel
Run DMC It’s like that 1983 Pop Rummel
S.P.O.C.K. Never turst a Klingon 1992 Synth-Pop Rummel
Sabotage Q.C.Q.C.? Le fleur du mal 1993 EBM TeaBeee
Saint Etienne Pale Movie 1994 0 Rummel
Sara Noxx Society 1997 Electro-Pop Angy
Sara Noxx She 1997 Electro-Pop Angy
Savage Progress My Soul Unwraps Tonight 1984 Synth-Pop Angy
Scapa Flow Join the Line 1990 EBM Chrom
Schwefel Metropolis 1987 New Wave Rummel
Schwester S Hier Kommt Die Schwester 1994 Hip-Hop Rummel
Scooter (ja, wirklich) Hyper Hyper 1994 Rave/Techno Rummel
Second Decay I Hate Berlin 1994 Electro-Pop Angy
Second Decay Hinter Glas 1994 Electro-Pop Angy
Second Decay Für immer 1996 Electro-Pop Angy
Second Decay Der Nerv 1995 Electro-Pop Angy
Secret Discovery Follow Me 1997 Electro-Rock Angy
Section 25 Looking From A Hilltop 1984 New Wave Angy
Serpents Das zweite Leben 1992 EBM Klaus
Severed Heads Dead Eyes Opened 1984 Synth-Pop Angy
Sex Gang Children Dieche 1984 Gothic Rock Klaus
Shaggy Boombastic 1995 Pop Rummel
Shampoo We Are Shampoo 1994 Indie-Rock Rummel
Sheep on Drugs Motorbike 1992 EBM/Techno TeaBeee
Sheryl Crow All I wanna do 1994 Indie-Rock Rummel
Shock Therapy X-ray-house 1985 Electro-Wave Rummel
Shock Therapy Hate is a 4 letter word 1987 Electro-wave Rummel
Shock Therapy Can I do what I want 1987 Electro-Wave Rummel
Sid Vicious May Way 1978 Punk Rummel
Sideway Look Knowing You from Today 1984 Indie-Rock Angy
Siglo XX The end of the night 1986 New Wave Rummel
Siglo XX Dream Of Pleasure 1983 New Wave Angy
Signal Aout 42 Waterdome 1992 EBM Angy
Signal Aout 42 Pleasure & Crime 1988 EBM Angy
Sigue Sigue Sputnik Love Missile F1-11 1985 New Wave Rummel
Silke Bischoff Under Your Skin 1995 Synth-Pop Angy
Silke Bischoff The Union 1995 Synth-Pop Angy
Silke Bischoff The Man On The Wooden 1993 Synth-Pop Angy
Silke Bischoff Sometimes 1996 Synth-Pop Angy
Silke Bischoff On The Other Side 1993 Synth-Pop Angy
Silke Bischoff No Paradise 1993 Synth-Pop Angy
Simple Minds Don’t You 1985 Pop Rummel
Sin With Sebastian Shut Up And Sleep With Me 1995 Pop Rummel
Siouxsie & The Banshees This Wheels On Fire 1987 Gothic-Rock Rummel
Siouxsie & The Banshees The Passenger 1987 Gothic-Rock Rummel
Siouxsie & The Banshees Spellbound 1981 Gothic-Rock Rummel
Siouxsie & The Banshees Song From The Edge Of The World 1987 Gothic-Rock Rummel
Siouxsie & The Banshees Red Light 1980 Gothic-Rock Rummel
Siouxsie & The Banshees Peek-A-Boo 1988 Gothic-Rock Rummel
Siouxsie & The Banshees Metal Postcard 1978 Gothic-Rock Rummel
Siouxsie & The Banshees Israel 1986 Gothic-Rock Rummel
Siouxsie & The Banshees Happy House 1980 Gothic-Rock Rummel
Siouxsie & The Banshees Dear Prudence 1983 Gothic-Rock Rummel
Siouxsie & The Banshees Cities In Dust 1985 Gothic-Rock Rummel
Siouxsie & The Banshees Christine 1980 Gothic-Rock Rummel
Siouxsie & The Banshees Candyman 1986 GothicRock Rummel
Siouxsie &  The Banshees Helter Skelter 1978 Gothic-Rock Rummel
Sisterhood Jihad 1986 New Wave Rummel
Sisterhood Giving ground 1986 New Wave Rummel
Sisters Of Mecy Emma 1988 Gothic-Rock Rummel
Sisters Of Mercy This corrosion 1987 Gothic-Rock Rummel
Sisters Of Mercy Temple Of Love 1983 Gothic-Rock Rummel
Sisters Of Mercy No Time To Cry 1985 Gothic-Rock Rummel
Sisters Of Mercy Nine While Nine 1985 Gothic-Rock Rummel
Sisters Of Mercy More 1990 Gothic-Rock Rummel
Sisters Of Mercy Marian 1985 Gothic-Rock Rummel
Sisters Of Mercy Lucretia, my reflection 1987 Gothic-Rock Rummel
Sisters Of Mercy First And Last And Always 1985 Gothic-Rock Rummel
Sisters Of Mercy Bodyelectric 1982 Gothic-Rock Rummel
Sisters Of Mercy Alice 1982 Gothic-Rock Rummel
Sisters of Mercy (Long) Train 1987 Gothic-Rock Rummel
Sisters Of Mercy Body and Soul 1984 Gothic Rock mccormick
Sisters Of Mercy Floorshow 1986 Wave Angy
Sisters Of Mercy Dominion 1988 Wave Angy
Ski Patrol Agent Orange 1980 Minimal-Wave Rummel
Skinny Puppy The Choke 1985 Industrial Rummel
Skinny Puppy Smothered Hope 1984 Industrial Rummel
Skinny Puppy Dig it 1986 DarkWave Rummel
Skinny Puppy Assimilate 1986 DarkWave Rummel
Skinny Puppy Addiction 1987 Industrial Rummel
Skinny Puppy Worlock 1989 Industrial mccormick
Skinny Puppy Rivers 1991 Industrial mccormick
Skinny Puppy Love 1985 Industrial mccormick
Skunk Anansie Hedonism 1995 Crossover Rummel
Slam Lifetimes 2001 Techno TeaBeee
Sleeping Dogs Wake Toys for Alice 1988 EBM/Gothic TeaBeee
sleeping dogs wake point black 0 0 Annette
Smashing Pumpkins Today 1993 Crossover Rummel
Smashing Pumpkins Disarm 1994 Crossover Rummel
Smiths Panic 1986 Brit-Pop Rummel
Smiths Bigmouth strike again 1986 Brit-Pop Rummel
Smiths Ask 1986 Brit-Pop Rummel
Smiths, The This Charming Man 1983 Brit-Pop Rummel
Smiths, The There Is A Light That Never Goes Out 1986 Brit-Pop Rummel
Smiths, The That Joke Isn’t Funny Anymore 1985 Brit-Pop Rummel
Smiths, The Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others 1986 Brit-Pop Rummel
Smiths, The Shoplifters Of The World Unite 1987 Brit-Pop Rummel
Smiths, The Sheila Take A Bow 1987 Brit-Pop Rummel
Smiths, The London 1987 Brit-Pop Rummel
Smiths, The Girlfriend In A Coma 1987 Brit-Pop Rummel
Smokin Suckaz Wit Logic Mutha Made ‚Em 1993 Hiphop TeaBeee
Snap The Power 1990 Pop Rummel
Snow Informer 1991 Pop Rummel
Soft Cell Tainted love 1981 New Wave Rummel
Soft Cell Martin 1988 New Wave Rummel
Soft Cell What! 1982 New Wave Angy
Soft Cell Torch 1982 New Wave Angy
Soft Cell Sex Dwarf 1981 New Wave Angy
Soft Cell Say Hello, Wave Goodbye 1981 New Wave Angy
Soft Cell Heat 1983 New Wave Angy
Soft Cell Bedsitter 1981 New Wave Angy
Some More Crime Der Tod ist ein Meister 1993 Electro-Rock Angy
Sonar Main Frame 1996 Noise Angy
Sonic Youth Death Valley ’69 1984 Indie-Rock Rummel
Sophie B. Hawkins Damn wish I was your lover 1992 Pop Rummel
Soul Asylum Runaway train 1993 Indie-Rock Rummel
Sound Golden Soldiers 1984 Gitarren-Wave Rummel
Soundgarden Jesus Christ Pose 1991 Crossover Rummel
Soundgarden Black Hole Sun 1994 Crossover Rummel
Southern death Cult Fatman 1983 Gothic Rock Chrom
Spacemen 3 Revolution 1988 Indie-Rock Rummel
Spear Of Destiny Never take me alive 1987 Gitarren-Wave Rummel
Specials Too Much Too Young 1980 Ska Rummel
Specials Gangsters 1981 Ska Rolf
Specials a message to you rudy 1979 Ska Annette
Specials, The Ghost Town 1981 Ska Rummel
Spermbirds Only A Phase 1989 Hardcore Rummel
Spermbirds Melt The Ice 1989 Hardcore Rummel
Spin Doctors Two princes 1992 Crossover Rummel
Spizz Energy Soldier Soldier 1987 Wave Angy
Stan Ridgway Salesman 1985 New Wave Angy
Stan Ridgway Camouflage 1985 New Wave Angy
Stephan Eicher Noise Boys 1980 Minimal-Wave Marc242
Stereo MC Connected 1992 House Angy
Stigmata The Damned Don’t Cry 1995 Electro-Wave Angy
Still Silent Shockwaved 1996 DarkWave Angy
Stiltskin Inside 1994 Crossover Rummel
Stone Roses Fool’s gold 1989 Rave/Techno Rummel
Stooges No Fun 1969 Indie-Rock Rummel
Stooges I Wanna Be Your Dog 1969 Indie-Rock Rummel
Stooges 1969 1969 Indie-Rock Rummel
Stranglers Peaches 1977 Punk Chrom
Stratis Herzlos 1984 Minimal-Wave Marc242
Stray Cats Rock This Town 1981 Psycho Rummel
Stray Cats Stray cat strut 1981 Rockabilly Rolf
Stromkern Heretic II 2000 Industrial Angy
Stumbo Wiseblood 1986 Indie-Rock mccormick
Suede Animal Nitrate 1993 Brit-Pop Rummel
Sugarcubes Birthday 1988 Indie TeaBeee
Sugarcubes Deus 1988 Indie-Rock Rummel
Suicide Ghost rider 1977 Electro Rummel
Suicide Commando Save me 1995 EBM TeaBeee
Suicide Commando See You In Hell 1995 Industrial Angy
Suicide Commando Murder 1995 Industrial Angy
Suicide Commando Love Breeds Suicide 2001 Industrial Angy
Suicide Commando Hellraiser 2000 Industrial Angy
Suicide Commando Evildoer 2003 Industrial Angy
Suicide Commando Desire 1998 Industrial Angy
Suicide Commando Dein Herz, meine Gier 2001 Industrial Angy
Suicide Commando Better Of Dead 1998 Industrial Angy
Sven Vaeth Dein SChweiss 1999 Techno/EBM TeaBeee
Swans Love Will Tear Us Apart 1988 Indie TeaBeee
Sweet William Follow me 1990 Gothic Rock mccormick
Sylvian & Sakamoto Bamboo Houses 0 0 MichaelP
Symphony Of Destruction Megadeath 1992 Crossover Rummel
Syntec Blind Love The Blind 1993 Synth-Pop Angy
T.X.T. Girl’s Got A Brand New Toy 1985 New Wave Angy
Talk Talk Talk Talk 1982 New Wave Angy
Talk Talk Such A Shame 1983 New Wave Angy
Tears For Fears Sowing The Seeds Of Love 1989 Synth-Pop Angy
Tears For Fears Mad World 1982 New Wave Angy
Tears For Fears Change 1982 New Wave Angy
Technohead I wanna be a hippie 0 Rave/Techno Rummel
Terminal Choice Totes Fleisch 1998 Electro Angy
Tilt! Merciless 1990 Darkwave Klaus G.
The LA’s There She Goes 1990 Indie-Rock Rummel
The The The Beaten Generation 0 0 MichaelP
The The Uncertain Smile 1983 New Wave mccormick
Theatre Of Tragedy Tanz der Schatten 1996 Gothic-Rock Angy
Therapy? Screamager 1993 Crossover Rummel
Therapy? Diane 1995 Crossover Rummel
These Immortal Souls Marry Me 1987 Indie-Rock Rummel
This Morn‘ Omina One Eyed Man 2002 EBM/Industrial TeaBeee
Thomas Leer & Robert Rental Monochrome Days 1979 Indie-Rock Rummel
Tic Tac Toe Warum 1997 Pop Rummel
Tommi Stumpff Lobotomie 1989 EBM TeaBeee
Tommi Stumpff Massaker 1989 EBM Angy
Tones On Tail Twist 1984 0 ThomasK
Tones On Tail Performance 1984 0 ThomasK
Tones on Tail The Never Never 1984 Gothic TeaBeee
Tones On Tail Go 1984 Indie-Rock Rummel
Tool Sober 1993 Crossover Rummel
Tori Amos Cornflake girl 1994 Pop Rummel
Toyah It’s a mystery 1981 New Wave Rummel
Tracy Bonham Mother mother 1996 Indie-Rock Rummel
Transvision Vamp I don’t want you love 1988 Indie-Rock Rummel
Trans-X Living On Video 1983 Synth-Pop Angy
Trash Groove Girls Arbeit, Sport & Spiel 1986 Electro Rummel
Trisomie 21 The last song 1986 Indie-Rock Angy
Tuxedomoon What use 1980 New Wave Rummel
Tuxedomoon No Tears 1986 New Wave Angy
Tuxedomoon 59 to 1 1980 New Wave mccormick
Type O Negative Cinnamon Girl 1996 Crossover Rummel
Type O Negative Christian Woman 1993 Crossover Rummel
Type O Negative Black No. 1 1993 Crossover Rummel
Type-o-negative My Girlfriends Girlfriend 1996 Gothic Rock Chrom
UB 40 Red Red Wine 1983 Reggae blackicon
Ugly Kid Joe Cats in the cradle 1993 Crossover Rummel
Ultravox White China 1984 New Romantic Angy
Ultravox Visions In Blue 1982 New Romantic Angy
Ultravox Hymn 1982 New Romantic Angy
Umbra Et Imago Gothic Erotic 1993 Indie-Rock Birgit74
Umbra Et Imago Erotica 1992 DarkWave Angy
Underworld Born slippy 1995 Rave/Techno Rummel
Unit:187 Loaded 1997 DarkWave Angy
UP Pop sleep don’t talk 0 0 Annette
US3 Cantaloop 1992 Pop Rummel
UV Pop Serious 1986 New Wave Chrom
Velvet Underground All Tomorrow’s Parties 1967 Oldie TeaBeee
Velvet Underground Heroin 1967 Oldie TeaBeee
Verbannten Kinder Evas Misery 1997 Mittelalter TeaBeee
Veruca Salt Seether 1994 Indie-Rock Rummel
Vicious Pink 8:15 To Nowhere 1986 Synth-Pop Angy
Violent Femmes Gone Daddy Gone 1983 Indie-Rock Rummel
Violent Femmes Add it up 1983 0 Chrom
Violent Femmes blister in the sun 1983 Punk Annette
Visage Fade to grey 1980 New Wave Angy
VNV Nation Rubicon 1999 Electro-Wave Chrom
VNV Nation Solitary 1998 Electro-Wave Angy
VNV Nation Honour 1998 Electro-Wave Angy
VNV Nation Darkangel 1999 Electro-Wave Angy
Vomito Negro No Hope No Fear 1989 EBM Angy
Vomito Negro Human 1989 EBM Angy
Vomito Negro Feel The Heat 1989 EBM Angy
Wall of Voodoo Ring of fire 1982 Indie TeaBeee
Wall Of Voodoo Mexican Radio 1986 New Wave Angy
Waltons Winter   Psycho Rummel
Wang Chung Dance Hall Days 1982 Synth-Pop Angy
Warp Brothers We Will Survive 2000 Techno TeaBeee
Waterboys Don´t bang the drum 1985 0 ThomasK
Waterboys The whole of the moon 1985 Indie-Rock Rummel
Waterboys Church Not Made With Hands 1984 Indie-Rock Rummel
Waterboys A girl called Johnny 1983 Indie-Rock Rummel
Weathermen Poison 1988 New Wave Angy
Wedding Present It’s Not Unusual 1989 Indie-Rock Rummel
Weezer Undone (The Sweater Song) 1994 Crossover Rummel
Weezer Buddy Holly 1995 Crossover Rummel
Welle:Erball schweben, fliegen und fallen 1996 Synth-Pop Angy
Welle:Erball Deine Augen 1998 Synth-Pop Angy
Welle:Erball 1000 Küsse 1996 Synth-Pop Angy
Welle:Erdball Tanzpalast 2000 Synth-Pop Angy
Weltklang Heimat 1980 Minimal-Wave Marc242
Westworld Sonic Boom Boy 1987 Indie-Rock Rummel
Wet Age Femme Fashion 1995 EBM TeaBeee
Whale Hobo Humpin Slobo Babe 1993 Crossover Rummel
Whigfield Saturday night 1993 Pop Rummel
White Zombie More Human Than Human/Thunderkiss ’65 1995 Metal Chrom
Whodini The Haunted House Of Rock 1983 Hip-Hop Angy
Wipers Window shop for love 1979 Indie-Rock Rummel
Wipers When it’s over 1981 Indie-Rock Rummel
Wipers Up front 1979 Indie-Rock Rummel
Wipers Is this real 1979 Indie-Rock Rummel
Wipers Youth of America 1980 Punk mccormick
Wire I am the fly 1985 Indie-Rock Rummel
Wiseblood Stumbo 1986 Indie-Rock Rummel
Wolfsheim Sparrows and the nightingale 1991 Synth-Pop Rummel
Wolfsheim Kein zurück 2003 Synth-Pop Rummel
Wolfsheim Annie 1992 Synth-Pop Angy
Woodentops Stop this car 1988 Indie TeaBeee
Wumpscut Is it you 1997 Industrial mccormick
Wumpscut War 1997 Industrial Angy
Wumpscut Unter Mensch 1994 Industrial Angy
Wumpscut Torn Skin 1995 Industrial Angy
Wumpscut Soylent Green 1993 Industrial Angy
Wumpscut Schwarzer Tod 1997 Industrial Angy
Wumpscut Ich will Dich 1999 Industrial Angy
Wumpscut Embryodead 1998 Industrial Angy
Wumpscut Capital Punishment 1995 Industrial Angy
Xebox Destroy 2000 Industrial Angy
X-Mal Deutschland Incubus succubus 1982 Gothic-Rock Rummel
XPQ-21 White And Alive 2002 EBM TeaBeee
XPQ-21 Gumpie’s Return 1999 Electro Angy
XPQ-21 A Gothic Novel 1999 Electro Angy
Yazoo Situation 1982 80er Pop TeaBeee
Yazoo Don’t go 1984 Synth-Pop Rummel
Yazz The only way is up 1988 Pop Rummel
Yello Bostich 0 0 ThomasK
Zero Defects Duracell 1994 EBM TeaBeee
Zombie Nation Kernkraft 400 1999 Techno TeaBeee
Zoon Politicon No Way Out 1997 Synth-Pop Angy
Zwischenfall Flucht 1982 New Wave Angy
Zyon No Fate 1991 Electro Angy

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